85th Anniversary Games – Yew Chung International School Shanghai v Yew Wah International Education School

To celebrate the 85th Anniversary of the partnership between Yew Chung International School and Yew Wah International Education School, we hosted a senior basketball game between the schools girls and boys teams. Both schools had the opportunity to field some new and upcoming players and it was exciting to see some of the potential new players for next season. A fairly large number of students came to watch the two games and this created a fantastic atmosphere in the new gym.

Basketball Girls Match – YCIS 33-18 YWIES

The girls game started at a frantic pace with both teams working hard to try to retrieve the ball from the opposition. Points went on the board early for both teams as Ms. Fung (The Yew Chung Girls D1 Basketball Coach) rotated the team to ensure everyone had some experience of top/high level basketball. It was quite impressive to see Yew Chung so composed with the ball with many of the young lower secondary players having no experience of full court basketball before. There were some stand out performances including Kaye Wong from Year 8 who’s composure was excellent with far older girls in the oppositions team. Rebecca Jones and Marcela Fioranelli were incredibly hard working from start to finish, finding space in attack and getting back quickly in defence. There were also some strong performances from our Year 10 girls including Joyce Wing, Kerry Tseng, Anson Lee and Annie Ting. However, there was a clear stand out player in Vivian Chen who’s all-round performance was outstanding. Vivian stole the ball regularly in defence and created opportunities in attack with superb passing and movement. Vivian ended the game with 15 points on her own in a hugely impressive game for a Year 9 student. We look forward to seeing her on the basketball court much more next year.

Basketball Boys Match – YCIS 44-38 YWIES

The boys game also included some much younger students representing Yew Chung including Frank Wu in Year 8, Julien Ripoll in Year 9 and many Year 10’s who have experience of D2 SISAC Basketball this year. Yew Wah had a much larger and older team but this didn’t intimidate any of our players at all as we started strong and took the game to Yew Wah. Bryan Xu, Yang Yang Ko and particularly Edouard Li were very comfortable in the game and all got on the scoreboard with some excellent attacking play. Yew Wah had two much more experienced 19 year olds who were brought on in the second quarter and the level and intensity of the game lifted significantly. Mr. Davis (The Yew Chung Boys D1 Coach) also made some changes, bringing on the Boys D1 Basketball MVP winner Vince Yonesu and also our talented Table Tennis ACAMIS Champion Kevin Tsao (Who is also an excellent basketball player). Kevin and Vince were able to control the game and after Yew Chung picked up a significant lead, we started to slow the game down and in the end we won by six points. Both teams should be pleased with their performances, particularly in attack with some superb shooting and attacking moves pleased the crowd.

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