Linguistic Identity: Searching for Ourselves

Year 12 English Language and Literature Standard Level and Higher Level students are currently studying the concept of Linguistic Identity: Language in a Cultural Context. In a series of lessons, activities and homework designed and lead by Mr. Jensen, and assisted by Mr. Tucker and Ms. Khan, the students are becoming familiar with their new IB English course, exploring new concepts. After having watched, read and studied a variety of texts in the form of TedTalks, short stories and articles, they have been brainstorming ideas and discussing the ideas of Language and Identity. In addition, they have completed small group activities to understand others’ perceptions of linguistic identities. All of these lessons and activities culminate in an individual project where students share their understanding of their own identity: where they come from and what makes them the individuals that they are.

Waheeda Khan
Secondary Head of English Department

Everything You Need to Know about Textbooks in the New School Year

We ask that students take care with the textbooks issued to them. A reasonable amount of wear and tear is expected but please be mindful that others may use the resource in the future years.

Return dates for textbooks:
Y7-9 and Y11: June 15th, 2019
Y13: May 24th, 2019

Y10 and Y12 will be able to renew allocated textbooks in June for the following year.

All textbooks are checked before distribution and must be returned in good condition. Most cases of damage involve a cover being torn completely off or water damage to the book. Water damaged books cannot be kept and reused due to the possibility of mildew. Students will be charged the cost of the book if it is returned damaged. Also, if the book is lost and not returned to the school, the student will be charged for the book.

We ask students to write their name in the books immediately after receiving them so that they will know which book is assigned to them. We ask them to protect their books from water damage by not putting liquids in their lockers or backpacks and taking extra care of their books when near a sink or water source. Students should not trade books with other students or leave their textbooks in classrooms. Students should take care of their textbooks at all times.

Karla Castle
Head Librarian

Co-Principals Welcome Message







Dear Parents,

Welcome to the new school year!

The start of a school year is always a busy time for everyone. Some families return from various parts of the globe, others have been in serious holiday mode right here in Shanghai but all face the challenge of getting their child and themselves ready for school. It’s a nervous time for new parents who are joining the YCIS family for the first time and for some it is the very first time to enter into formal education.

Similarly, for the educators and support staff the start of the year is brimming with tasks and processes all designed to make the first days and beyond as smooth as possible. New and returning staff have been working hard for weeks before students arrive to get everything ready.

We hope that the events we have run to welcome everyone to the new year have provided you with the right mix of information and connection to the staff who will work directly with your child.

A change in personnel in leadership positions brings the opportunity to examine and reflect upon the existing learning and organisational culture and make some small but important changes that will enhance the manner in which we all work together to create the best outcome for the young people in our care.

The Puxi campuses will be working together at a new level forming more connections across the three locations, sharing expertise and experiences to a much greater degree. There will be an increased emphasis on communication between students, parents and staff to assist everyone to increase the capacity to support and guide our students to achieve academic success and the add to their ability to navigate the world successfully.

We welcome new and returning families to another exciting school year during which we celebrate our 25th year Anniversary of YCIS Shanghai. We look forward to sharing the learning journeys with our students and families.

Best regards,

Mr. Don Collins and Ms. Isabel Xu
Puxi Co-Principals

Farewell to Friends and Colleagues 2017-18

At this time of the year at international schools around the world, we typically say farewell to friends and colleagues who are moving on from our school to new adventures in their lives. YCIS Shanghai Gubei campus has a significantly long serving staff and this always means that our students have long-term highly qualified international and committed teachers working for their students’ learning opportunities over many years. We are truly blessed that our YCIS Gubei campus average length of service for teachers is over 5 years providing stability and security for the learning experiences of our students over time.

We are both sad to say farewell to the following teachers, but also eager and excited to hear of the new journeys they will have as part of the global community of educators. It is not surprising that we are often able to catch up in many ways in the years that follow and hear of the new pathways and experiences of our colleagues.

We thank each of these remarkable teachers for their service to our community and wish them all the best as they move forward in their lives’ journeys.

Dr. Richard Swann: Co-Principal Gubei Campus

Richard has served as international Co-Principal at the YCIS Shanghai Gubei Campus since 2013 and has had the joy of sharing the leadership of the campus with Co-Principal Ms. Vicki He (to July 2014) and subsequently, Ms. Isabel Xu (from August 2014). During this time, the school has established many programs for ensuring the quality of student learning opportunities and experiences. With his colleagues, International standards of alignment have been put in place to provide and sustain high status recognition of the school as a place of learning and preparing our graduate students for entrance into universities and colleges throughout the world. YCIS school improvement practices have been developed strategically through a full five-year international accreditation cycle with Council of International Schools (CIS), the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), the host country National Center for Curriculum and Textbook Development (NCCT), as well as International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme re-authorization. “I have enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of YCIS and the richness of the broader Shanghai community. Our family leaves YCIS Shanghai knowing that our three children (Elliott, Greta and Naomi) have benefited enormously from the YCIS experience. While we are all excited and eager to begin our new international adventure, we wish our YCIS friends, colleagues and families all the best for the next phase of the YCIS journey.” In August, 2018, Richard will be taking up the position as Director of Albanian College, Albania.

Ms. Julie Many: Head of the Mathematics Department – moving to India

Julie Many has been teaching at the YCIS Gubei campus for the last 16 years in the Mathematics Department. She will be moving on to a new school in India where she will oversee the development of the Mathematics curriculum.

“It has been a unique experience to be part of a school for so many years as I have seen so many students grow and mature from very young ages into young adults. Many return after graduation to tell me of their life as adults, some getting married and with children, finishing and pursuing careers, and often revealing the role mathematics has played in their career choices. Others simply wish to stay in touch once leaving the school, whether it be due to a move to a new country, a new school, or graduation. It is always satisfying to see where life leads students, as we teachers will depend on you to take the world forward, make good decisions and lead us into a brighter and better place. Remember that your struggles in school prepare you for difficulties that lie ahead and the ability to endure those difficulties will help solve any problems that you encounter. Every problem has a solution!”

Gemma Armstrong (General Science and Physics)

After 5 years at YCIS in the Science Department teaching general science and physics at IGCSE and IBDP levels, Gemma is taking a sabbatical to spend time with her young family. Gemma has also played a significant role in EOTC Field Trips and has been a Year 8 homeroom teacher this year. We thank her for her service to the students and broader YCIS community.

Gemma Forde (Student Activities Coordinator Travel and Sabbatical)

Gemma was first appointed to the Design and Technology Department in August 2013 and established and developed many of the high quality D&T department learning experiences. Her students also achieved exceptional results in IGCSE and IB Diploma examinations and moving on to tertiary studies as a result of their learning. Being very popular among the students as a mentor for being involved in Service learning, Gemma was promoted to the Campus Leadership Team to take up the role of Student Activities Coordinator where she has spent the past two years developing Creativity, Activity and Service learning programme and opportunities particularly for our IBDP and graduating students.
“After 5 years at YCIS, I am taking a sabbatical, I have plans to travel, spend quality time with friends & family and do some new crafts which will possibly lead to my next venture! All the best and have a great summer.”

Kelly Gu (Chinese)





Mark Harrington (Commerce-Economics and Extended Essay Coordinator)

I have very much enjoyed my four years at YCIS Gubei. I was given opportunities that only a good school can give. I will miss the students, my department colleagues and the other teachers as well as the school leadership. I am excited about moving to The American International School of Egypt in Cairo to take up the position of IB DP Coordinator. Goodbye YCIS Gubei! Thanks for the memories!

Lisa He 何剑青 (Chinese and Chinese Studies Curriculum Group Leader)



Yoland Li 李吟柳 (Chinese and CAL Curriculum Group Leader)



Ms. Stephnia Liu 刘婧 (Chinese and CAL Curriculum Group Leader)

回想进入耀中的那一天,历历在目,恍如昨天。八年的时光,留下的是同事们的相互扶持,以及与孩子们相处的各种咸甜苦辣。八年之后的今天,我们将各自面对人生中的历程。 祝福大家,一路安好!


Vicky Newman (Humanities, Global Perspectives and Geography; Year 12 Level Leader)

Ms. Vicky Newman returned to YCIS Shanghai and Gubei Campus in August 2015 following a year’s break in the UK. She has been a constant support for our students in ensuring they have been well prepared for their specialized studies in Geography and Global Studies as well as encouraging and developing skills and experiences in the lower secondary humanities programme. During the year, Vicky has also been the Year 12 Year Level Leader ensuring the pastoral care of the Year 12 students.

“Saying goodbye to YCIS after 5 years is bittersweet for me. I’m looking forward to being back in Europe closer to family and friends but will take away many memories of fantastic times and the countless opportunities I have been given here. I wish all of the YCIS community the very best in the future. Who knows when we might meet again!”

Dr. Richard Swann & Ms. Isabel Xu

New Teachers coming to YCIS Shanghai Gubei Campus in 2018-19

We are pleased to welcome new colleagues to join our great team of teachers at YCIS Shanghai Gubei Campus in 2018-19.

Mr. Don Collins: YCIS Puxi Campuses International Co-Principal

We welcome Mr. Don Collins as the new Internatioanl Co-Principal for Puxi Campuses from 2018. The YCIS Puxi Campuses will be operating under the leadership of Co-Principals, Mr. Collins and Ms. Isabel Xu, who will be working together with the School Business Manager in the continuing seamless education process from the beginning of Kindergarten to Upper Secondary. The community is familiar with Ms. Xu, who is currently the Co-Principal for the three YCIS campuses in Puxi. Mr. Collins, who has a Masters’ Degree in Education, is currently Secondary Vice Principal at YCIS Beijing. He has over 30 years’ experience working in schools in Australia, 16 of which as a school principal.

Mr. Adam Amster: Humanities and Geography

Mr. Amster holds a Masters in Scondary Education and Bachelor of Arts majoring in History. He is currently High School Social Studies Teacher at Nansha College Preparatory Academy in Guangzhou where he teaches Human Geography, Model United Nations, Ancient Civilizations and World History. He coaches tennis, soccer, basketball and fitness and also holds a number of certifications including World Language Initiative (WLI) and National Geographic Educator.

He will be joining YCIS Shangai Gubei Campus as a member of the Humanities teaching team with a specialization in Geography, History. His experience in Model United Nations will provide a strong foundation for the Global Perspectives program of learning at YCIS.

Ms. Evelyn Li: Chinese

“I am Evelyn Li and I am determined and strongly motivated to work as a teacher who would take students’ characteristics, needs and progress as priorities.I have taught and gained solid experience, knowledge of teaching GCSE, MYP Chinese to students from Grade 6 to Grade 12 in China and UK. I am enjoying the moments when I am learning and taking pat in all kinds of culture activities, competitions with the students. I am strived to learn more about applying multiple skills, strategies to facilitate the development of pupils with different learning needs.”

Ms. Kelly Li: Chinese

“I am Kelly, originally from Henan Province. I have taught Mandarin and Chinese for the past 6 years in both international and bilingual schools. My experience is mainly with secondary students in IGCE and IB language A (Chinese language and literature). I am always inspired by students’ curiosity, open-mindedness and critical thinking skills. I am very happy to join YCIS and look forward to it!”


Ms. Elizabeth Munro (Slade): General Science and IGCSE/IBDP Biology

Mrs. Slade was born in London and grew up near Wimbledon, the home of British tennis. She has taught Science and Biology in several schools in England and has been teaching in Shanghai for the last two years. She went to Kingston University London to study a BSc Hons in Biology and then went on to complete a Post Graduate Certificate of Education in Science at St Mary’s University. Her interests include travelling, yoga, reading and watching the occasional movie. She very much enjoys living in Shanghai and is excited to work

with new colleagues and students at Yew Chung this year. Moving across the world to Shanghai has been a great way to travel and explore new cultures. She is looking forward to continuing this by exploring more of Asia in her spare time.

Mr. David Potter: ToK, English and Psychology

“After completing a BA in Philosophy and a PGCE in Sheffield, England, I taught Philosophy and managed programs for gifted students at an upper school for several years. I then moved to Munich where I taught English for two years before coming to Shanghai where I have been teaching the IB Diploma since 2013. I was previously TOK Co-ordinator at Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School before joining YCIS. I love discussing ideas, traveling, and trying to make the world a nicer place. I’m married with a young daughter and I’m happy to call Shanghai home.”

Ms. Ajina Remadevi: Commerce – Economics and PD Coordinator

A passionate, experienced teacher who has worked in a multitude of international settings, willing to explore and contributes to the best teaching and learning practices at international schools. During my 13 years of teaching career I have worked with well reputed international schools in India, Indonesia, China and the Netherlands and taught IGCSE, A-Level, AP and IB curricula. I am a graduate in Economics, post graduate in Oriental Studies and holder of PGCE from the University of Sunderland, UK. Along with teaching, I am passionate about poetry and short-stories and I particularly love writing Hindi poems in my leisure time. My dream is to start my own international school one day and my motto is: “Education is the key to a successful future and a better world”.

Mr. David Van Zanten: Mathematics Head of Department

Mr. Stanten says “I love the opportunity to empower, to help people see their potential. The role of senior schools is to grow young men and young women so they can take their place in society with power, grace, intelligence and with a strong focus on service. This is an honour and a challenge with a huge amount of reward.”

Mr. Stanten graduated Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Physics from Otago University of New Zealand Otago. Subsequently, he was awarded a Diploma and Bachelor of Business Studies in Marketing and Economics from New Zealand’s Massey University where he also received his Diploma of Teaching. Mr. Zanten also holds diplomas in Counselling.

His hobbies: He is an author, a pilot, and SCUBA diver, but most importantly a father of three. He is also qualified to coach swimming, football and athletics coach.

He leaves his current school as Head of Department and Associate Principal at the Hay Al Sharooq International school in Oman to take up the position as Head of The Mathematics Department at YCIS Shanghai Gubei Campus.

Ms. Vera Wang: Chinese

WangYan holds a Bachelor degree with a Major in Chinese language and literature from East China Normal University.

“Do you remember your childhood ambition? I grew up knowing that I have always wanted to be an educator. Following my graduation as a teacher from East China Normal University in Shanghai, I embarked on a meaningful career as a full-fledged teacher and have been teaching since 2006. Having taught at language academy and international school over 11 years, I enjoy teaching and interacting with students of various nationalities. My goal is that students embrace Chinese not just as a subject or a set of skills to develop, but also as a vehicle for self-expression so that they can effectively communicate their views and opinions. This will be my first year working in YCIS and I am looking forward to learning and growing together with the students. ”

Ms. Paula Zhu: Chinese

“With a master’s degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language from ECNU, I have taught Chinese language, literature and culture to both first and second language learners for five years. My lessons were designed to be fun and communicative. As the school activity coordinator, I was responsible for a variety of school activities such as clubs, student union, talent show, graduation ceremony etc. Relentless and reliable, hope to have a fantastic year with YCIS.”


Dr. Richard Swann & Ms. Isabel Xu

Global Citizenship Week Activities

To celebrate the end of the year, we organised a carousel of events on campus and a treasure hunt on the Bund. Teachers enjoyed sharing their crafty and sporty skills and students enjoyed learning in a different environment, crafty sessions included candle making, life size sculptures, camera obscura. Whilst sports offered included yoga, dance and softball. Whilst on the Bund, the educational tour company ‘the Hutong’ created a dynamic treasure hunt where they unlocked clues and found secret actors in various spots along the Bund who helped them on their way, both days were at record high temperatures for this time of year but students completed the challenges with a smile on their face.

The finale was trips day and this year students had several options to choose from including Jump 360 & Mr X Escape Room, Playa Maya waterpark, the cinema & Sega Joyopolis and Zotter Chocolate Theatre, whilst Year 11 & 12 had a special trip to Disneyland. All trips gave teachers and students a chance to relax and spend some time together before the summer break.

Thank you to all the staff that made this week possible and we wish you all a wonderful summer break.

Gemma Forde
Student Activities Coordinator

YCIS Gubei Students, Winning the Second Place in 2018 Math Olympiad Competition for International Schools in CHINA

2018 Olympiad Math Competition for International Schools in China was held in Beijing on May 18-19. Our YCIS Gubei Team won the Second Place in the competition.

After long and intensive training and preparation since last year led by coach Ms Iris Hua, 8 Year 9 students entered competition. Our students have proved themselves AGAIN to be very strong competitors. In all, 26 teams from different parts of China competed. The competition was intense, lasting 2 days, and with over 10 rounds. Our students showed superb problem solving skills, sound knowledge of mathematics, and strong mental endurance.

The ACAMIS 2018 Olympiad Math Competition for International Schools brings together Secondary students from different schools to compete in solving challenging mathematical problems. Students must be good not only in problem solving, but also very quick in thinking and willing to take risks. The numerous and complicated questions make for a tough and exhausting test of mental alertness and endurance.

The team member: Emma Zhang CHEN, Ang LI (Frank), Jae Hee SON (Jessie), Zhi Zhong XU (John), Gabriel BANKS, Dylan KELLY, Hong Yuan CAO, Jonah THOMAS.

YCIS students have proven themselves to be consistent champions, having won team and individual competitions in years, since 2005. We have the reputation of being THE Team to beat!

Ms. Iris HUA
Secondary Mathematics Teacher

Y8 CFL Chinese Study Shanghai Museum Field Trip

On Friday the 18th of May, the students of the First Language Chinese classes in Year 8 took a field trip to the Shanghai Museum. They studied paintings from different times of the Chinese history, and learned about the different characteristics and special features of art painted during each period. The students learnt about Chinese history through an interesting and fun way, as they had the time to look around freely in the Chinese Painting area.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the half-day that they spent at the museum, and they learnt much more about Chinese history, paintings, and important characters that influenced the shaping of our time.

CHEN, Karen Tin Wai – Y8B

Athletics Carnival 2018

The Athletics Carnival was very successful this year. The athletes tried their best during all events and I was very happy to see such a great level of participation. As the House Captain of Red Phoenix, I am so proud of our house for winning the 2018 Athletics Carnival! It wouldn’t have been possible without all of the amazing student and staff members, and I am beyond thankful for all of their contributions.
Go Red!

LIAO Yen-Wen (Ivy Liao) 12A

Head Prefects for 2018-2019


As our Year 13 students have now completed all of their final exams and graduated from YCIS on Friday 1st June, the time has come to appoint our new Head Prefects for the 2018-2019 academic year. Like their Year 13 predecessors, our current Year 12 Prefects are a very strong group of leaders and have consistently been excellent ambassadors for the YCIS community. After careful consideration, the Senior Leadership Team have appointed LIAO Yen-Wen (Ivy) and QI Lin (Lynn) as the 2018-2019 Head Prefects. Both Ivy and Lynn have served as Student Prefects for a number of years. In addition to their roles at New Student Orientation events, Parent Teacher interviews in October and January, and their continued participation and connection to a number of co-curricular, service learning and student-driven events, both Ivy and Lynn are also active members of the Student Council. Along with other members of the current Year 12 Prefecture, YCIS is confident that Ivy and Lynn will effectively lead and manage the Student Prefecture as Year 13 students next academic year.

I also wish to thank our current Head Prefects, Cecilia MOU and Nicole LEE, and the Year 13 Prefect team for their outstanding leadership, commitment and vision this academic year.

Mr. Terence Dayes – Vice Principal